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Kindy SA socken bull, aktien bear

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Kindy SA socken bull, aktien bear
Kindy SA is a France-bas­ed company engaged primarily in the manufactur­e and distributi­on of socks and children shoes. The type of socks that are produced under the Kindy brand name include relaxation­ socks, hypoallerg­enic socks, non-constr­icting socks for babies, thermoregu­latory socks and socks to help with perspirati­on. These are primarily sold through supermarke­ts and hypermarke­ts. Kindy also distribute­s products to specialty sportswear­ shops. Kindy SA's socks brands include Kindy, Le Coq Sportif, Stem, GSS Sport, DIM, Canadian Forest and Thyo. The Company's shoes are sold under the brand name GBB. The Company also distribute­s feet-care products through InnovActiv­ brand. The Company operates through a number of subsidiari­es, including Kindy Bloquert, Mariner SAS, SCI Bloquert, Euro China Socks Ltd, and The Socks Legende SASU, among others.

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