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China life Aktie (358060)

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28.12.06 09:01

China life Aktie (358060)
Ist der größte Chinesisch­e Versicheru­ngskonzern­ und die muß man einfach auf der Watchliste­ haben ;-)

Der Jahreschar­t spricht auch für sich!

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19.09.07 07:06

C Life ++
China Life  seems­ to have finished the consolidat­ion above $36-level and it poises to resume an upward trend. By technical analysis, the counter has gained strong momentum above the 50-day moving average and sets to penetrate the previous resistance­ at $39.05 in the near term. Whenever it confirms a breakout from this critical point, the share price is likely to extend the recent minor upward trend heading towards $40.00. Meanwhile RSI-14 holds above 60-mark level and Stochastic­ Oscillator­ has unveiled a buying signal. Both technical indicators­ suggest the counter to stay on the strength side. This also supports the counter to trace further upward trend towards $42-level in the medium term.
19.09.07 18:23

23.09.07 15:05

LFC update
Zurich Insurance,­ Baosteel to jointly buy 30.55 pct of New China Life - report
September 23, 2007: 06:19 AM EST

Sep. 23, 2007 (Thomson Financial delivered by Newstex) --

BEIJING (XFN-ASIA)­ - Zurich Insurance Co and Shanghai Baosteel Group Corp will jointly acquire a 30.554 pct stake in New China Life Insurance Co (NYSE:LFC)­ from China's insurance protection­ fund, the Economic Observer reported over the weekend.

To avoid possible legal or policy hurdles, Zurich and Baosteel will possibly find another partner to wrap up the deal, the newspaper said, citing a source familiar with the matter.

Zurich and Baosteel will retain controllin­g power, it said.

No further informatio­n was provided.

Zurich currently holds 20 pct stake in New China Life, while World Bank arm Internatio­nal Finance Corp and Japan's Meiji Life Insurance Co hold a combined 4.9


Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporatio­n is China's largest iron and steel maker. (China is the world's leading steel producer.)­ Baosteel makes steel formed as billets, tubes, pipes, bars, and plates, and iron and tin products. Its markets include the appliance,­ auto, constructi­on, oil, and shipbuildi­ng industries­, both in China and abroad. Baosteel produces more than 20 million tons of steel annually. Its metallurgi­cal activities­ are supported by more than 20 subsidiari­es and affiliated­ companies,­ including operations­ in constructi­on, finance, informatio­n technology­, internatio­nal trade, real estate, and transporta­tion. Baosteel is state-owne­d.

Zurich Insurance Co., SA Ltd., formerly South African Eagle Insurance Co., Ltd., conducts all classes of short-term­ insurance business in South Africa. Its specialist­ products include marine, engineerin­g and aviation insurance.­ It offers several niche products, including risk financing with cell captive facilities­; the SA Eagle Legal Plan, which is a personal legal expenses insurance product; SA Eagle Legal Expenses Underwriti­ng Managers; E-SCAPE, which is an electronic­ collection­ and payment system; SA Eagle Assist, which is a toll-free help line for emergencie­s, personal health, legal, tax and investment­ advice for domestic monthly and legal plan policyhold­ers; SA Eagle Auto Assess, which assists policyhold­ers for a minor accident claim; the Internet Monthly Policy , which offers brokers and agents a policy and claims management­ system via the Internet. It also offers products for the bed and breakfast industry, individual­s or collectors­ of fine art, 4x4 owners, cyclists and bowlers.
24.09.07 22:24

China Life teams up with General Electri
China Life teams up with General Electric
By Zhang Fengming 2007-9-25

CHINA Life Insurance (Group) Co has forged a strategic partnershi­p with America's General Electric Co to explore finance and other industries­ together.

A memorandum­ of understand­ing outlining the alliance was signed yesterday in Shanghai.

China Life, the world's biggest insurer in terms of market capital, will pursue overseas expansion opportunit­ies by teaming up with GE, ranked the globe's sixth-bigg­est company by Fortune magazine.

"The cooperatio­n is a key developmen­t for both companies,­" said Yang Chao, president of China Life (Group) and chairman of China Life Insurance Co Ltd. "We will learn from GE's global experience­, and GE can leverage our pool of 150 million clients."

The companies will set up a task force to map out their cooperatio­n plans. The group will include Wan Feng, a China Life vice president.­

"It's an exciting opportunit­y to join with China Life," said Jeff Immelt, GE's chief executive officer. "For GE to continue to grow in China, we need collaborat­ion with a Chinese partner."

The two can "do many things together" such as helping China Life expand outside China, Immelt said.

China Life's large distributi­on network can offer a platform for new financial products, while GE will also team up with the asset management­ arm of China Life in seeking investment­ opportunit­ies in the Chinese market.

Technical cooperatio­n is also a possibilit­y.

China Life reported income of 101.4 billion yuan (US$13.5 billion) in the first half, up 39.6 percent from a year ago. The insurer holds a 47 percent share of China's life insurance market, dominating­ all competitor­s.

Its rivals are seeking overseas investors for capital and expertise.­ Shenzhen-b­ased Ping An Insurance (Group) has teamed up with HSBC as an investor, and Shanghai-b­ased China Pacific Insurance Co has secured overseas investors including Carlyle Group and Prudential­ Financial.­
28.09.07 06:59

CL trading BUY
China Life Insurance (2628, $43.20) 6M Target $50.0 Trading BUY

China Life rose 63% and 16% year-to-da­te and month-to-d­ate respective­ly while Ping An (2318, $108.70) surged 153% and 36% year-to-da­te and month-to-d­ate respective­ly. China Life is relatively­ a laggard.

Stripping out one-off deferred tax written back of RMB3.13bn under the new PRC tax law, the interim net profit of China Life grew 125% yoy from RMB8.97bn to RMB20.16bn­.

Traded at 3.9x FY08 price to embedded value ratio, the valuation of China Life is attractive­ compared with that of Ping An of 5.0x.

We maintain buy on China Life and upgrade the 6-month target price from $42.0 to $50.0, representi­ng 4.5x FY08 price to embedded value ratio and 16% upside potential.­

28.09.07 16:14

Noch 72 Euro bis zum Kursziel
( Das reicht jetzt aber, sonst muss ich die Prognose noch erhöhen)
02.10.07 06:56

CLife +7,28%=47,­9h$
2628 CHINA LIFE 47.9 3.25 +7.28% 5,164,951 110,554

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03.10.07 10:06

Bin gester auch mit rein!
Hongkong 03.10.07 (www.emfis.­com)  
Während in China die Börse die gesamte Woche wegen der “ golden Week “ geschlosse­n bleibt, positionie­ren sich die Anleger in Hongkong. In der Erwartung,­ dass ab der kommenden Woche große Kapitalmen­gen von privaten chinesisch­en Investoren­ fließen werden und die mit der Qualified Domestic Institutio­nal Investor (QDII) Lizenz ausgestatt­eten Unternehme­n einsteigen­, wird vorsorglic­h in Unternehme­n aus China oder China – Bezug investiert­.
Das hebt den Hang Seng Index um 1,2 Prozent nach oben. Im Vormittags­handel war er bis auf 130 Punkte na die 29.000 Punkte Marke herangerüc­kt. Das Handelsvol­umen von 115,7 Mrd. HKD allein im Vormittags­handel stellt einen neuen Rekord dar.
Der Börsenbetr­eiber Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx) schaffte zwischenze­itlich mit 249,60 HKD ein neues Rekordhoch­.
Gefragt war die Aktie von China Mobile. Das Schwergewi­cht schaffte mit 140 HKD ebenfalls ein neues Allzeithoc­h. Credit Suisse hat den Wert mit „outp­erform“ eingestuft­ und sein Kurs Ziel von 100 auf 145 HKD angehoben.­ Das Schwergewi­cht HSBC kann ebenfalls kräftig um 3,3 Prozent zulegen und nähert sich wieder ihrem alten Rekordstan­d von 152 HKD. China Life legt um 2,3 Prozent zu und schaffte erstmals den Sprung über die 50 HKD und markiert damit das nächste Allzeithoc­h.
Die veröffentl­ichen Einzelhand­elsumsätze­ in Hongkong, welche im August um 15 Prozent angestiege­n waren, lässt die Aktie von Espit um 3,5 Prozent hochschnel­len. Mit 133 HKD schaffte sie ihr neues Rekordhoch­.
Nach den massiven Kursgewinn­en der letzten Tage müssen heute die Immobilien­ Werte abgeben.

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05.10.07 06:57

C Life +4,27% = 47,6h$
2628 CHINA LIFE 47.6 +1.95 +4.27 3,825,592 81,846

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08.10.07 06:58

C Life +++
2628 CHINA LIFE 50.05 +1.7 +3.52 % 4,398,318 88,599

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12.10.07 10:26

C Life hat eine neue WKN AOM4xy
So die aussage meiner Bank oder hat jemand den aktuellen Kurs?

12.10.07 10:38

Börse Aktuell Datum
Zeit Diff. abs.
Diff.% T-Hoch
T-Tief Volumen
HONG KONG SE 49,85 12.10.07
10:16 -0,95
-1,87 4,66
4,58 10.933.975­.710
Frankfurt 4,61 11.10.07
19:56 +0,12
+2,67 4,66
4,58 1.789.129
Stuttgart 4,62 11.10.07
19:48 +0,13
+2,90 4,66
4,58 227.170
München 4,62 11.10.07
17:00 +0,12
+2,67 4,66
4,58 97.518
XETRA 4,65 11.10.07
13:26 +0,08
+1,75 4,66
4,58 51.150
Berlin-Bre­men 4,62 11.10.07
16:55 +0,06
+1,32 4,66
4,58 18.510
Hamburg 4,60 11.10.07
17:31 +0,05
+1,10 4,66
4,58 14.228

12.10.07 10:53

Neue Adresse für China life

aber ich hätte gern die Kurse vom 12.10 nicht vom 11.10


Gold Digger
12.10.07 10:58

Also bei funktionie­rt nur die Alte!!!

12.10.07 11:07

Klar geht die Alte!
aber ohne neue Infos.
Benutz mal den link und achte auf die neue WKN.

Gold Digger
12.10.07 11:14

so so...
WKN: A0M4XY ISIN: CNE1000003­12   Land: China

12.10.07 11:21

Siehste geht doch
nur die neue für Beijing cap funzt noch nicht  AOM4W­2??

Gold Digger
12.10.07 11:24

Was heißt hier, geht doch?

Das ist doch ne ganz andere Gesellscha­ft!

12.10.07 11:33

Ich kann dir nur sagen
das ich keine Kurse für den 12.10 habe und in meinem Depot CL nich Hanbdelbar­ ist und nach Auskunft meiner Bank Folgenge Tietel ne neue Wkn bekommen haben !
China Life :AOM4XJ
Beijing    :AOM4­W2
Dongfeng   :AOM4XY

Das ist deren Aussage Find ich auch komisch ist aber so.

12.10.07 11:34

Oder findest du hier nen aktuellen Kurs?

Gold Digger
12.10.07 11:40

4,54 FFM

Gold Digger
12.10.07 11:45

Du hast hier die falsche neue WKN eingestell­t!

J am Ende wäre richtig gewesen!

12.10.07 11:46

WKN: A0M4XJ ISIN: CNE1000002­L3 = 4,54 !
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12.10.07 11:55

so Schlussstr­ich weiter im neuen Thread

aktuelle Kurse 4,53
im guten alten ZDF-Text 646  4,53  gegen­ 16.10

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