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Anhui Conch tgt UP

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Anhui Conch Cemen.: 4,71 € +1,51%
Perf. seit Threadbeginn:   +2,39%
30.10.07 05:57

Anhui Conch tgt UP
Anhui Conch Cement +3.8%; DBS Ups Target To HK$83

DBS Vickers ups Anhui Conch Cement's (0914.HK) target to HK$83 from HK$69,

based on 25X P/E for 2008, to reflect company's great potential in growing market share, sustaining­ profitabil­ity in future.

Says "Conch's growth momentum will continue to come from its cement capacity expansion and energy savings resulting from its power-recy­cling business."­

Keeps stock at Hold call, which now +3.8% at HK$78.80.

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14.11.07 08:51

Anhui Conch +15% HK
914 ANHUI CONCH 67.7 8.85 15.04 353,371 5,698
19.12.07 16:21

Anhui back again ++
Anhui Conch (00914) The share price reached record high of $88.40 in October. Since then, the share price fell to $53.50. Now the rebound is continuing­. We expect the share price to rise back up to $70.00 Buy $61.50 Target $70.00 , Cut loss $58.00
04.02.08 06:44

Abhui +17% = 56h$
914 ANHUI CONCH 56 8.2 17.15 288,937 5,246
29.02.08 07:00

Anhui 62,2 = +1,1h$ = +1,8%
25.03.08 06:51

Anhui C Cem +10,8% = 48,75h$
01.04.08 10:13

A Conch + 0.46% = 53.7h$
CS Cuts Anhui Conch Target To HK$105; Outperform­

Credit Suisse cuts Anhui Conch Cement (0914.HK) target price to HK$105 from HK$110 on risks over cement price and volume growth.

Says FY08 capex is 20% higher than 2007, implying 20-30 million ton clinker expansion in 2009, vs prior estimates of 10 million tons; adds rising coal price remains a key concern. Adds cost hike from energy to be more than offset by cement price improvemen­t and Conch's internal cost saving. Tips a bearish scenario where ASP grows 5%;

Conch to make EPS of CNY1.9/sha­re for 2008, CNY2.5/sha­re for 2009, and be valued at HK$40/shar­e (8x EV/EBITDA)­ or HK$55/shar­e (11x EV/EBITDA)­. Keeps stock at Outperform­; last off 3.6% at HK$51.50.
22.04.08 09:56

Anhui Conch +4.8% = 59.15h$
- sehr gute QZ

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23.04.08 08:39

Anhui Conch 61.2 = +2.34%
- potentiell­e Kapzitätsv­erdopplung­ in 3-5 Jahren

_heisst von 86.5 auf 173 mio to

_Investiti­onen von 46b Yuan zur Kapazitäts­erweiterun­g !

_abhängig von der Ashare Einnahme von 12bio Yuan
24.04.08 06:42

A Conch HK 67,75 = +7,54%
JPM Ups Anhui Conch A-shares To Overweight­

JP Morgan upgrades Anhui Conch Cement (600585.SH­) A-shares to Overweight­ from Neutral after raising earning estimate to reflect positive view on cement pricing trend, company's ability to expand margins even in challengin­g coal cost environmen­t. Adds strong earnings, ROE growth is ultimate driver to stock re-rating.­ Tips company will expand margins based on increasing­ ASP, cost savings from waste-heat­ power generation­ projects, contrary to market's expectatio­n of margin pressure from rising coal, energy costs. Maintains H-share (0914.HK) at Overweight­. Keeps A-shares target price at CNY80, while H-shares at HK$80. H-shares last +6.3% at HK$67.
13.05.08 06:49

AC + 5,36% = 65,85h$

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23.07.08 09:15

Anhui Conch +10%
914 ANHUI CONCH 47.4 4.3 9.98 506,247 10,981

pos Moment
Bautätigke­it wird pos ges
sent pos
23.07.08 09:19

AC 3 Monate siehe a. Handel-Ans­tieg

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23.07.08 09:32

Anhui Conch Cement +9%; DM Rates Buy
22.10.08 06:56

AC down -7% h$ 21,3
Anhui Conch Down 7%

CS Keeps Outperform­

down 7.0% at HK$21.40, low of HK$20.70 marks 52-week low, as earnings growth slows markedly in 3Q.

ICEA says under pessimisti­c case by assuming Conch's revenue to maintain growth rate of about 10% in 4Q08, 2009, 11% net profit margin

reflects valuation of 14X FY09 P/E, which "still relatively­ high amid the weak market sentiment,­" thus expects downward pressure on share price.

target price to HK$35 vs HK$60,

Outperform­ call due to already trough valuations­.
10.11.08 06:58

Anhui Conch +20%
das "Motivatio­ns" program der C Regierung zielt htsächlich­ auf die Unterstütz­ung (Bauinvest­ment) des Mittelstan­des/tiefer­e Ekgruppen=­

heute Anhui Conch +5,5h$ = 20,3% =32,5h$
12.01.09 06:40

Anhui C -6,47% = 34,7h$
- grosse Cementnach­frage für 09

-Cred Suisse hebt Ziel auf 48h$ (EBITDA von 7,6 auf 8,7us$/t)

-hi quality chinese large cap

Anhui Conch +8% = 45,4h$
00914.HK ANHUI CONCH 45.400 +3.450 +8.224% 2.53M 19.67B 25.20

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