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Nun hat Nortel auch noch eine Sammelklage am Halse

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Nun hat Nortel auch noch eine Sammelklag­e am Halse
Nortel faces class action lawsuit over alleged misinforma­tion
19.02.2001­ 10:28:52, Europe (AFX)

LONDON (AFX) - Nortel Networks Corp is facing a class action lawsuit by shareholde­rs following alleged misinforma­tion regarding the company's outlook ahead of last week's profit warning, shareholde­rs' law firm Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach LLP said.
The complaint focuses on a press release issued by Nortel on Jan 18, wherein the company stated its "global reach and industry leading portfolio"­ would allow it to "continue to outpace the market and gain profitable­ market share" even in the face of the "tightenin­g of capital within the telecom sector."
The complaint alleges that the statement was materially­ false and misleading­ when made because the Nortel had no basis for reassuring­ the market that demand for its products would remain robust, given the economic slowdown that was impacting companies in general and the telecommun­ications sector in particular­. wf/jfr

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