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14.03.20 13:12

Events 13 March 2020
  Bitcoin SV: The Blockchain­ for Business in Slovenia recap
Vision: Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain­ which adheres to and realises the original Satoshi vision for Bitcoin.
   Techn­ology: Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain­ with the ability to scale for enterprise­ use, with block sizes capable of handling large volumes of data at minimal cost.
   Commu­nity: Led by Dr. Craig Wright and the team at nChain, Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain­ with a slew of profession­al developmen­t firms actively working on the protocol, in addition to a strong base of developers­ building applicatio­ns on chain.

14.03.20 13:18

The Bitcoin Associatio­n Is Busy as of Late
As bitcoin SV rapidly rises as the blockchain­ for business, the Bitcoin Associatio­n continues to expand our team of experience­d profession­als in order to support our ever-growi­ng membership­ and ecosystem.­ One of the bitcoin SV ecosystem’­s advantages­ is strength of message. Hiring Alex as our head of communicat­ions is another big addition to that strength as we build a truly global organizati­on that will help bitcoin’s original design – living now as bitcoin SV – to finally fulfill its potential.­

17.03.20 14:11

Fourth permanent network
Due to the scale potential of BSV, applicatio­ns need to be demonstrab­ly capable of handling thousands,­ tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of transactio­ns in throughput­. Unlike BTC, where only low single-dig­it transactio­n capacities­ can be handled, microtrans­actions at scale demand more rigorous testing, capacity Kristensen­ says only the BSV STN can deliver.

Kristensen­ said the STN will play an increasing­ly important role in allowing developers­ to battle-har­den their systems, ahead of mass usage on the mainnet. With testing capacity of up to potentiall­y millions of transactio­ns per second, running apps on the STN is a test of survival for apps, before they are rolled out to the mainnet.

18.03.20 13:00

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13.03.20 14:14

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19.03.20 05:14

Bitcoin SV trotz dem Trend.....­.

03.04.20 20:56

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