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Terranet Unveils BlincBike, Cutting-edge Micromobility Safety Tech

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The innovative e-bike product will offer first-of-its-kind safety applications for cyclists

Lund, Sweden - Dec 6th, 2021 - Terranet AB (Terranet/the Company), (Nasdaq: TERRNT-B.ST). Terranet, the creators of groundbreaking vehicle safety technology, VoxelFlow™ announced today their latest e-bike innovation for urban mobility, BlincBike, a landmark step forward for micromobility safety. BlincBike is a connected e-bike product comprising a rear-view monitoring system that empowers cyclists to avoid accidents and assist in making smarter decisions on the roads by classifying the object, read the distance, and predict the intention of the object. Their first venture in the micromobility space. BlincBike will continue to move Terranet’s mission forward of making the world safe for urban roadway users, by a new collision warning system.

The first of it’s kind safety product will help bicyclists keep their eyes on the road ahead and fits into any e-bike. BlincBike will keep an eye on the hazardous events potentially occurring from behind the cyclist with a full capture rear view. The new class of a Rear-View monitoring system can detect, track and classify objects by using AI-based computer vision, machine learning and deep neural networks. Its leading algorithms will be able to classify objects and discern the appropriate threat and risk level, empowering cyclists to make smart and safe decisions in time. In-motion recordings will capture critical traffic situations to assist in the insurance claims processes, but also for easy social editing and sharing via smartphone.

“BlincBike is our first product to target micromobility, but we see a tremendous potential in providing safety products in the forsaken and rapidly expanding micromobility space,” said Terranet CTO Nihat Küçük. “In the last four years, e-bikes were responsible for nearly 200,000 emergency room visits in the U.S. With our urban safety mission in mind, expanding into rapidly growing micro mobility solutions is the logical next step for Terranet. We are thrilled to progress in using our unique technologies and continue advancing our mission of revolutionizing urban roadway safety.”



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