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BIGBEN: Report of the Combined General Meeting of 28 January 2022

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Report of the Combined General Meeting
of 28 January 2022

The combined shareholders’ meeting (ordinary and extraordinary) of the BIGBEN INTERACTIVE company taking place at Lesquin headquarters on Friday 28 January 2022 at 11:00 hours, adopted all the proposed resolutions after the presentation of legal documents.

540 shareholders attending or represented owned 12 585 016 shares out of 19 303 597 shares with voting rights, i.e. 65.19 % and as such over one fourth of the share capital with voting rights. These shares represented 15 121 184 votes i.e. 68.40 % of net voting rights.

Number of shares outstanding as of 28 January 202219 380 484
Number of shares with voting rigths19 303 597
Number of voting rights (net)22 104 126

Adoption of resolutions

Description of resolutions For%Against%
1Amendment of the Articles of Association (distribution of profits)Extraord.15 115 52799.983 6050.02
2Exceptional distribution in kind of Nacon sharesOrdinary15 117 07099.983 1070.02
3Powers to fulfill legal formalitiesOrdinary15 115 00799.982 6260.02

Purchases of Bigben shares made until Tuesday, February 1, 2022 inclusive will be eligible for distribution in kind.

Consultation of the documents presented at the Annual General Meeting
Documents presented during the Annual General Meeting may be downloaded from the website, caption « Le Groupe», « Espace Investisseurs », « Assemblée Générale » :

Paper copies of all these documents are available free of charge from the Company’s headquarters.

Calendar for financial communication

This schedule is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change if the Company deems it necessary. As a general rule, press releases are issued after close of the Paris stock-market.

Q4 sales                                  25 April 2022
Year-end results                         30 May 2022



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