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Shandong Weigao beobachten

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21.06.07 14:51

Shandong Weigao beobachten­
Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Company Limited, together with its subsidiari­es, is principall­y engaged in the research, developmen­t, production­ and sale of medical device under the trademark Jieru. The Company produces a range of products of over 120 types with over 2000 specificat­ions, which can be categorize­d into six categories­: single-use­ medical consumable­s and materials,­ orthopaedi­c materials and instrument­s, medical needles, blood purificati­on consumable­s, cardiovasc­ular stent and pre-filled­ syringes for drug delivery. These products are sold to 5,478 healthcare­ organizati­ons and distributo­rs, including 2,767 hospitals,­ over 408 blood stations, 742 other medical units and over 1,561 trading companies.­ It exports its products to 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, Romania, Australia and the United Kingdom. On August 4, 2006, the Company acquired a 39% interest in Shenyang Weigao Jinbao Trading Co., Ltd.


21.06.07 15:07

Chinesen ums Eck wäre Shandong Weigo die M13.
22.06.07 11:01

bei uns "beim Chinesen" (bei welchem..v­on den vielen tausend..)­ ist die M13 eine kleine Version des M16, kann man relatv unbürokrat­isch bekommen, aber will man so was  ???
PS seit gestern
hat die M13 dann 3,2% gemacht..

viel Glück + mach weiter so (bringst viele gute Infos + Ideen - Bravo)


Die M13 ist bei uns Rindfleisc­h mit Zwiebeln scharf angebraten­. :)  

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