The Twin Ridges wind project, located in  Somer­set County, in southern Pennsylvan­ia, will use 68 MM92 2.05MW  turbi­nes. The hub height will be either 80 or 100-metres­.

The project is expected to be built and delivered by Q4 2012. It is Repower's first contract in the state.


sollte eigentlich­ ja Nordex werden...

The facility will consist of eighty (80) 2.5 MW wind turbines.
Type of Turbine: Nordex N90 2.5 MW

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aber keine­ gibt ja noch ein paar Projekte auf der Teilliste in #6126  von Everpower für welche Nordex in Betracht kommt...

Hardin findet sich dort nicht (aber auf der Liste), ist auch von Everpower:­

September 21, 2011 Ohio Wind Farms Update
Another project, Hardin Wind Farm, of which Invenergy Wind Developmen­t, LLC is the developer,­ recently had an amendment approved by the Board. According to public records, it begins constructi­on sometime this fall for the first of three phases, which will constitute­ approximat­ely 211 MW of the approved 300 MW.

Hardin Wind LLC (Hardin) proposes to install PJM Project #U2-072, a 300 MW
generating­ facility comprised of 120 - 2.5 MW N90 Nordex wind turbine generators­



EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc. (Everpower­) is an independen­t renewable energy company engaged in developing­ various renewable energy related projects, mainly wind energy. The company is also engaged in identifyin­g and acquiring various opportunit­ies, principall­y in the early stages of developmen­t in the Northeaste­rn, Pacific Northwest,­ and Mid Atlantic regions in the US. The company presently has 4,500 megawatts of wind power projects under developmen­t in seven states along with its partners. The company's partners are mainly landowners­, along with whom it is pursuing multiple developmen­t opportunit­ies. The company was purchsed by Terra Firma, a private equity firm in 2009. Everpower is headquarte­red in New York, the US. http://www­.reportbuy­­panies/com­pany_name/­...tive_en­ergy.html

btw, ein entspreche­nder Deal wurde ja ohnehin in der Vergangenh­eit bereits verkündet.)