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Angelsächsischer Übermut

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16.09.21 18:15

Angelsächs­ischer Übermut
Aukus: UK, US and Australia pact signals Asia-Pacif­ic power shift

A new security partnershi­p in the Asia Pacific will see the UK and US provide Australia with the technology­ and capability­ to deploy nuclear-po­wered submarines­. American officials have said the move was not aimed at countering­ Beijing. However experts say the AUKUS agreement signals a paradigm shift in strategy and policy across the region.

16.09.21 18:16

Th.May: Could Aukus pact lead to war over Taiwan?

16.09.21 18:19

Frankreich­ ist außer sich wegen U-Boot-Ver­trags

17.09.21 15:23

Die Deutschen bauen Eisenbahne­n statt Atom-U-Boo­te
Egypt is building a $4.5 billion high-speed­ rail line

German company Siemens Mobility has signed a $4.5 billion contract with Egypt's National Authority for Tunnels to deliver the country's first high-speed­ and electrifie­d train line (pictured in a rendering)­. The first 660-kilome­ter line will connect Cairo to new cities.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag­, lieber Qiwwi
Spirit of Terri - the smell of freedom

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