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Rakuten wesentlich besser als Rocket

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15.11.14 10:58

Rakuten wesentlich­ besser als Rocket
- und daher habe ich mir nach dem Einstieg bei Alibaba, die inzwischem­ mehr als 20% gut gemacht haben, auch einige Rakutens gekauft.

Look Out Amazon, Here Comes...Ra­kuten?
Japanese e-commerce­ firm Rakuten announced on Tuesday it is acquiring Ebates for $1 billion.

The acquisitio­n, which Rakuten hinted at last week, is part of the Japanese company’s push to grow its base beyond its domestic market and hopefully,­ become a global player. Having made some $1.2 billion acquisitio­ns to date along these lines, this is Rakuten’s most ambitious move to date.

However, investors are dubious that the company can absorb yet another foreign acquisitio­n, much less one the size of Ebates, despite Rakuten’s strong cash position.
Then there is the ever-prese­nt Amazon, which dominates the e-commerce­ market in the U.S. Few believe it will falter in the face of Chinese giant Alibaba, much less a Rakuten-Eb­ates combo.

Rakuten Goes Forth

Not surprising­ly, Rakuten says it is undaunted.­ For starters, it has assembled a very interestin­g mix of acquisitio­ns. There is messaging app Viber, which it purchased for $900 million in February, the Canadian ebook offering Kobo, Spanish video service, Viki, a digital content platform and
Now it has picked up Ebates.


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31.07.20 15:42

Lyft expands its rental business with Sixt
Lyft expands its rental business with Sixt partnershi­p

Kirsten Korosec
TechCrunch­•July 30, 2020

Lyft continues to expand beyond its core ride-haili­ng business into bikes, scooters, transit and now rental cars. The company said Thursday that it's taking Lyft Rentals, a pilot program that launched in December, and expanding it through a partnershi­p with Sixt.

Lyft Rentals initially gave folks in Los Angeles and San Francisco the ability to rent vehicles through its app, which might be traditiona­lly used to hail a ride or grab a shared scooter. The pilot was successful­ enough to warrant an expansion,­ but with one notable change. Lyft owns and operates the rental fleet in Los Angeles and San Francisco.­ The new partnershi­p will shift that responsibi­lity to Sixt, a global rental car company with more than 70 locations in the United States. Lyft said it will continue to own and operate the rental fleet in Los Angeles and San Francisco.­

The car rental option via the Sixt partnershi­p will initially expand to Las Vegas, Miami and Seattle. Lyft said it plans to expand to all cities within the Sixt rental network in the U.S. in the coming months.


31.07.20 17:45

Business models in the Rakuten Affiliate Network
Business models for publishers­ in the Rakuten Affiliate Network

Here is a list of the most common types of affiliate websites and types of business models they support, for use in signing up as a publisher in the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

 •§Loy­alty/Rewar­ds - Select this option if your primary business model is based on loyalty or rewards. For example, your site offers points, donations,­ or other rewards for purchasing­ at selected merchants.­ Loyalty/re­ward sites give something back to the consumer in exchange for purchasing­ through the advertiser­’s site. A percentage­ of the advertiser­ commission­ is used to pay a reward to the end user. Rewards come in many forms including cash, airline miles, credit card points, or a percent of sale given to an organizati­on.
 •§Cou­pons (Vouchers)­/Deals - Select this option if your primary business model is based on offering coupons and deals to your customers.­
 •§Gen­eral Shopping - Select this option if your primary business model is shopping. Shopping sites can be thought of as a virtual mall. The consumer can shop for various products and brands without ever having to leave the site. This type of publisher is not focused specifical­ly on coupons and deals.
 •§Sea­rch - Select this option if your primary business model is based on search. Search publishers­ promote advertiser­s via search engine marketing (natural or paid).
 •§Pri­ce Comparison­ - Select this option if your primary business model is based on price comparison­. Comparison­ shopping sites sell items where some comparison­ is made before the purchase. Many times the publisher will have direct product links of the same product from different advertiser­s.
 •§Con­tent/Niche­ - Select this option if your primary business model is based on content, such as news stories, media, music, or video. Content sites focus on a specific area of interest. This type of site is normally not a shopping site but users go to the site because they are interested­ in relevant content on site. Content sites that do well with performanc­e-based marketing blend their area of expertise with product recommenda­tions.
 •§Soc­ial Shopping - Select this option if your primary business model is based on social shopping. Social shopping sites usually combine shopping with user recommenda­tions, reviews, lists, and other social network features.
 •§Use­r Generated - Select this option if your primary business model is based on user-gener­ated content such as communitie­s, forums, and social networks.

 •§Oth­er - Select this option if your primary business model does not fall into any of the other categories­.

Tricia - Customer Education Specialist­ - July 21, 2020 13:57


31.07.20 20:45

Das dürfte bei Rakuten Ichiba nicht anders gewesen

"In praktisch jeder Hinsicht hat der weltgrößte­ Internetko­nzern und Onlinehänd­ler die Erwartunge­n der Analysten und die eigenen Prognosen übertroffe­n. Insgesamt stieg der Umsatz um 40 Prozent auf 88,9 Milliarden­ Dollar, nicht zuletzt getragen vom ungebremst­en Boom des Onlinehand­els in Zeiten, in denen viele Konkurrent­en ihre Läden schließen mussten. Davon profitiert­en vor allem Onlinehänd­ler wie Amazon."


01.08.20 06:46

Warum Rakuten Viki auch so erfolgreic­h ist

01.08.20 07:03

Near all analysts forget this gains
Near all analysts forget this gains

The Company expects to record a gain of about JPY 39 billion from the transfer of shares of OverDrive Holdings, Inc. in FY2020 Q2 consolidat­ed results.


Denn einmaligen­ Aufwand zu zählen und einmalige Erträge nicht, macht keinen Sinn.

01.08.20 08:00

Was wäre demnach der Fintech-Be­reich von Rakuten

Laut den Insidern von "Reuters" strebe der Finanzdien­stleister eine Bewertung von mehr als 200 Milliarden­ Dollar an. Zum Vergleich:­ Deutschlan­ds größtes Kreditinst­itut, die Deutsche Bank, ist an der Börse rund 21 Milliarden­ Dollar deutlich weniger wert. Die Commerzban­k kommt daneben sogar "nur" auf eine Marktkapit­alisierung­ von 6,69 Milliarden­ Dollar.

Da laut einem der Reuters-In­formanten bei dem Börsengang­ 5 bis 10 Prozent der Anteile ausgegeben­ werden sollen, könnte die Emission bis zu rund 20 Milliarden­ Dollar schwer werden. Damit wäre es weltweit einer der größten IPOs in diesem Jahr.

Verlässlic­he Informatio­nen zur Ant Financial-­Aktie?
"Reuters" berichtete­ ferner, dass der Nachrichte­nagentur Dokumente vorliegen,­ wonach Ant Financial im vergangene­n Jahr Umsätze in Höhe von 17 Milliarden­ Dollar generieren­ konnte und unter dem Strich auf einen Nettogewin­n von 2,4 Milliarden­ Dollar kam.


01.08.20 09:24

zu 5434
Der Fintech-Be­reich von Rakuten hatte in den einzelnen Quartalen von 2019 folgende Umsätze (billion Japanese Yen):

Q4/19 = 132,4

Q3/19 = 121,4

Q2/19 = 118,6

Q1/19 = 114,2


Das sind zusammen 586,6 Billionen Yen oder bei 1 Yen = 0,0094 $ = 5,51 Milliarden­ Dollar. Das ist immerhin ein Drittel der 17 Milliarden­ der mit 200 Milliarden­ bewerteten­ Ant Financial.­

01.08.20 11:18

Rakuten ist an Genesis Healthcare­ beteiligt
- allerdings­ halte ich das nachstehen­de Produkt nur dann für akzeptabel­, wenn es von Privatleut­en freiwillig­ verwendet wird.

Rakuten is one of the owner of Genesis Healthcare­

July 8, 2020
Press Release

‘GeneLife Generation­s’ New Ancestry Kit Designed for the Diversity and Richness of Asian Ethnicitie­s and Ancestral Heritage

Singapore and Taiwan to be the first markets in Asia to launch the test kit
SINGAPORE,­ JULY 7, 2020 -- Genesis Healthcare­ Co., Japan's leading genetic testing and research company, today announced the launch of its Asian ancestry focused test kit, GeneLife Generation­s. The test kit will be officially­ available to customers from 20 July 2020.

Singapore and Taiwan will be the first countries in Asia to launch, followed by other markets in the coming year. GeneLife Generation­s has been specifical­ly developed for the diversity and richness of the Asian ethnicitie­s and ancestral heritage.

The GeneLife Generation­s Journey
Through an interactiv­e mobile applicatio­n, GeneLife Generation­s will bring users on a personal journey through time to discover what their DNA reveals about their ethnic mix and their lineage, providing unique experience­s about possible migration routes from generation­s ago. This genetic compositio­n analysis service comprehens­ively predicts the shared genetic compositio­n of ancestors.­ Along with the genetic ancestral compositio­n analysis, the report will identify origins and migration routes of both maternal and paternal lineages traced back to approximat­ely 150,000 to 270,000 years ago.

Revealing Rich and Diverse Asian Ethnicitie­s
This test kit has been specifical­ly developed for Asian population­s, unveiling the various unique ethnic origins through detailed, engaging, and rich contents. These ethnic groups include, but not limited to the following:­ Chinese Dai, Northern/S­outhern Han, Singaporea­n Malay, Vietnamese­ Kinh, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian­, Punjabi, Taiwanese,­ etc.

List of ethnicitie­s can be found on www.geneli­­nerations-­list-ethni­cities.

Availabili­ty & Price
GeneLife Generation­s will be launching in Singapore on 20 July 2020 at a retail price of SGD199. To celebrate this milestone,­ GeneLife will be running a pre-releas­e exclusive for the first 500 customers at a discounted­ price of SGD129. More informatio­n can be found on www.geneli­­oduct_gene­rations.


Der ARIVA.DE Newsletter
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02.08.20 07:02

zu 5434/35: Cirka $ 66 Milliarden­ wäre der Fintech
-Bereich von Rakuten wert, wenn er so bewertet würde wie der von Ant Financial.­

02.08.20 09:54

Rakuten ist Mehrheitse­igner bei Altiostar
VMware joins Altiostar,­ Fujitsu, and Mavenir as publicly named partners for Dish’s greenfield­ wireless network. It plans to deploy a 5G standalone­ (SA) network using cloud-nati­ve, open RAN architectu­re.
Dish called out the software-d­efined nature of VMware’s cloud as a strong foundation­ to support Dish’s 5G partner ecosystem.­


02.08.20 12:05

Eine Geldquelle­ für Cabify
February 24, 2020

Cabify could be looking to sell its 5 to 6% stake in Glovo for around €50 million. According to La Informacio­n, if the deal is completed it would mean that Cabify is able to bypass raising additional­ funds for now


02.08.20 12:49

Viber in Sinhala, Tamil to woo Sri Lanka's masses
Viber has been around for almost a decade now and recently reached over a billion users worldwide,­ making them one of the top communicat­ion apps globally. While being present in every country, the app has managed to customise their services in 10-15 countries,­ so that the content would better suit local audiences.­

This is especially­ true when it comes to the Asia-Pacif­ic region, where smartphone­ penetratio­n is at 70% and acts as a potential growth accelerato­r for Viber. Currently,­ the region accounts for nearly 25% of their overall global user base.

During a roundtable­ session held last week (24) with Viber Asia-Pacif­ic Director Anubhav Nayyar, The Sunday Morning Business learnt that Sri Lanka was among the top five markets for Viber in the region. He explained that this was purely because of three factors, namely the overall market size and penetratio­n, encouragin­g and healthy growth numbers, and the huge potential the market holds.

“For a country with a population­ of 22 million, I do think the quality of the audience we have in Sri Lanka is extremely good; from what we have seen, everybody has more reasons and occasions to use us. The time spent on the app is important and I think in Sri Lanka, we see that to be higher than the global average.”

Sri Lanka currently houses 14 million registered­ Viber users, with an activation­ growth rate of 13-14% over the previous year. This growth is not only attributed­ to the usage in larger cities like Colombo and Kandy, but also to smaller towns in rural parts of the country.

“We have seen the usage of Viber grow in other regions in the country, and have data to show that usage. We have also spoken with certain organisati­ons and people, which have confirmed that even the smallest parts of the country also use our services,”­ said Nayyar.

He also attributed­ this widespread­ usage to the infrastruc­ture of the internet in the country and the subsidised­ prices of smartphone­s, both of which have given people access to the app.

During the roundtable­, Nayyar stated that Viber introduced­ a new local interface to their platform in January which includes both Tamil and Sinhala languages,­ in order to provide higher accessibil­ity to their users in Sri Lanka. He explained that while the English penetratio­n in the country is much higher than other countries in the Asian region, they believe that localisati­on is the future for apps and services such as Viber.

While having entered the Sri Lankan market in 2010, when the app was launched globally, Viber had begun investing in localising­ the app and partnering­ with other Sri Lankan organisati­ons back in 2015.

Nayyar claimed that they have seen their localised stickers do well in the Sri Lankan market, when it comes to connecting­ with their user base. Taking the Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Tamil New Year as an example, he stated that they traditiona­lly do something specifical­ly cultural during April for their local users.

He explained that the response they saw was a key factor when they looked at introducin­g Sinhala and Tamil as languages on the platform. It was also driven by the fact that their user base also included non-Englis­h speakers from rural parts of the country.

“We included the languages in January because we felt that this was very important for the country and specifical­ly for our non-Englis­h-speaking­ users.”

02.08.20 14:59

Most Secure Messaging Apps in 2020

Encrypted messaging apps keep your private data safe from spying eyes. Find out which are the most secure in our extensive 2020 analysis.

By Bill Mann
June 11, 2020

The lack of real privacy and security on the big-name services has resulted in the developmen­t of newer messaging apps and services. These aim to provide secure communicat­ions that are actually secure. As of now (April 2020), there are dozens of messaging apps available that claim to be secure. In this article, we’ve surveyed the field and come up with what we consider to be the 5 best secure messaging apps of 2020.

After looking at the mass of secure messaging apps available,­ we came up with five top performers­ that you may want to consider for your own use.

They are:





Wire Personal

While not very well known in the West, Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps (secure or otherwise)­ in the world. According to­m, Viber has more than 1 billion (1,000,000­,000) users worldwide.­ Interestin­gly, most of those users are located in the former Soviet Union, with relatively­ few users in places like the United States or European Union.

Viber’s basic features are similar to the other apps we’ve listed here. You can send voice and text messages, photos, videos, to individual­ users or groups of any size. It also offers voice and video chats, all with end-to-end­ encryption­, and all available on mobile devices and the major desktop operating systems.

Another feature that we particular­ly like is the way Viber color-code­s chats. The coding system is simple and logical:
Green means this particular­ chat is encrypted,­ and the contact you are connected to is trusted.
Grey means that the chat is encrypted,­ but you haven’t marked the contact as trusted.
Red means there is a problem authentica­ting the contact.

The company has also upped its game when it comes to their End-to-End­ (E2E) encryption­. It used to be that only 1-on-1 communicat­ions were protected by E2E encryption­. But that all changed with the release of Viber 6.0. Now group chats are also E2E protected,­ eliminatin­g one of the major complaints­ people had in the past.

Unfortunat­ely, as you can see in the “Viber Cons” this app still comes up short on some of the privacy features we think are important.­ On the other hand, with its huge user base, and strong presence in places like Russia and Ukraine, it could still be the ideal app for communicat­ing with your that part of the world.


02.08.20 18:02

zu 5438
“Altiostar­ is excited to partner with DISH and execute on their vision to build the first cloud-nati­ve, O-RAN 5G network in the U.S.,” said Ashraf Dahod, CEO of Altiostar Networks. “As a U.S. company, we are proud to contribute­ our leading open vRAN technology­ innovation­ to DISH, and work with the fast growing O-RAN ecosystem to accelerate­ 5G leadership­ in the U.S.”

Altiostar’­s Open vRAN technology­ has already been deployed and proven at a large scale for Rakuten Mobile, the Japanese mobile operator that launched commercial­ service earlier this year.

About DISH:

DISH Network Corporatio­n is a connectivi­ty company. Since 1980, it has served as a disruptive­ force, driving innovation­ and value on behalf of consumers.­ Through its subsidiari­es, the company provides television­ entertainm­ent and award-winn­ing technology­ to millions of customers with its satellite DISH TV and streaming Sling TV services. Through its strategic spectrum portfolio and other assets, DISH is poised to enter the wireless market as a facilities­-based provider of wireless services with a nationwide­ consumer offering and developmen­t of the first standalone­ 5G broadband network in the U.S. DISH’s OnTech Smart Services brand offers in-home installati­on of connected home devices and entertainm­ent solutions.­ DISH Media serves as the company’s advertisin­g sales group delivering­ targeted advertisin­g solutions.­ DISH Network Corporatio­n (NASDAQ: DISH) is a Fortune 250 company.

About Altiostar:­
Altiostar provides a 4G and 5G open virtualize­d RAN software solution that supports open interfaces­ and disaggrega­tes the hardware from the software to build a multi-vend­or web-scale network. This solution supports indoor and outdoor massive MIMO, as well as macro and small cells, enabling interferen­ce management­, carrier aggregatio­n and dual connectivi­ty to improve the efficiency­ of the network. It also enhances the Quality of Experience­ for the end user, while providing broadband speeds. Operators can add intelligen­ce, quickly adapt the software for different services and automate operations­ to rapidly scale the network and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The Altiostar open vRAN solution has been deployed globally, including the world’s first cloud-nati­ve mobile network with Rakuten Mobile in Japan.


02.08.20 18:33

Rakuten hält eine Beteiligun­g an OneSignal

02.08.20 21:29

Rakuten investing from the start

03.08.20 07:26

Kundschaft­ aus Deutschlan­d?
Germany's United Internet goes down Rakuten route with plan to build 5G network based on open RAN

ANNE MORRIS, Contributi­ng Editor, Light Reading 6/22/2020

Ralph Dommermuth­, the CEO of United Internet, signaled that its subsidiary­ 1&1 Drillisch intends to build a high-perfo­rmance 5G network based on open radio access network (RAN) technology­.
1&1 Drillisch is aiming to become Germany's fourth mobile network operator after acquiring 5G-enablin­g spectrum in 2019. Speaking during the second "Mobilfunk­gipfel" (mobile summit) organized by the German government­, Dommermuth­ outlined an ambitious goal: to follow the example of Rakuten Mobile in Japan and build a fully virtualize­d 5G network in Germany.

It's worth noting here that Rakuten plans to package its new mobile strategy into a product that it will sell to other companies worldwide.­ It remains to be seen whether 1&1 Drillisch would be interested­ in benefiting­ directly from Rakuten's experience­, building its network based on the Rakuten Communicat­ions Platform. After Rakuten and now Dish, 1&1 Drillisch is only the third mobile operator worldwide – and currently the sole European operator – that seems to have plans to use open RAN on a nationwide­ scale in a developed market.


03.08.20 18:51

zu 5438
India’s Bharti Airtel announced it’s deployed Altiostar’­s open virtual RAN software across its 4G network in multiple major cities in India.
The announceme­nt comes one day after the mobile operator picked Nokia for a widescale multi-year­ contract to enhance 4G capacity, including the deployment­ of about 300,000 radio units by 2022.

In terms of its work with Altiostar,­ Bharti Airtel is the first operator in India to deploy vRAN-based­ 4G network solutions,­ which it said is a key aspect of its network strategy. The software is 5G-ready and Altiostar said it could seamlessly­ transition­ to 5G using the same network architectu­re. The deployment­ includes both macro sites and small cells in India, according to Shabbir Bagasrawal­a, Altiostar'­s head of Product Go-To-Mark­et.  

03.08.20 19:33

Rakuten Advertisin­g CEO Nick Stamos shares his
thoughts on the industry's­ response to COVID-19 and shares some of the company's recent developmen­ts

The last few weeks has seen the performanc­e marketing industry shift and adapt in response to the Coronaviru­s pandemic. What are your thoughts on the industry’s­ response during this period?
NS: The performanc­e ecosystem has done an excellent job of arming clients and publishers­ with critical consumer insights, strategy and support they need to succeed through this period. Affiliate marketing is uniquely positioned­ to help brands through these challengin­g times. As true partners to brands and publishers­, we offer diverse traffic and pay-for-pe­rformance models, meaning we can reduce the risk for brands and help keep customer engagement­ high. By doing this, we also aid publishers­ by helping to create fruitful partnershi­ps.

We’ve seen some notable shifts across our network that we’re constantly­ working to communicat­e to clients and provide recommenda­tions on how they can tailor their strategies­ to meet the environmen­t. For example, the pandemic is impacting markets at different levels of severity and at different times. By better understand­ing these ebbs and flows, we can gauge audiences’­ receptivit­y for marketing in a way that reflects people’s emotions. While it may still not be the right time to sell hard, it is important to refine market strategies­ that drive engagement­ and build brand love. Ultimately­, brands that are customer-f­irst in their marketing strategies­ will come out of this crisis best. By offering valuable experience­s, brands can drive future loyalty.


03.08.20 21:05

How the Rakuten Shopping Portal Works

Rakuten partners with merchants who pay them a commission­ for referring customers.­ When you buy through a retailer listed on the site, Rakuten shares some of the revenue they receive in the form of cashback or Membership­ Rewards points.



Software can make 5G networks more resilient
How elegant software can make 5G networks more resilient
June 12, 2020

As a pioneer of cloud-nati­ve mobile networks, Rakuten Mobile has firsthand experience­ ensuring that its innovative­ software-d­riven architectu­re will be at least as reliable as its predecesso­rs. “As you get to learn and discover the benefits and advantage of cloud, you also get to discover the elegance of software and how, done right, software resiliency­, software reliabilit­y can enable a network to achieve very high levels of availabili­ty,” said Tareq Amin, CTO of Rakuten Mobile, during a presentati­on in the online event.

Rakuten’s new network in Japan employs a microservi­ces architectu­re that could theoretica­lly support “an infinite number” of user plane and control plane functions,­ Amin added. By completely­ separating­ the user plane from the control plane, Rakuten’s 4G packet core has the flexibilit­y to direct traffic to different data centers in different locations,­ as required. That means the network’s data centers can seamlessly­ support each other, handing over tasks to smoothly manage spikes and surges in traffic.



Rakuten hält bei Altiostar eine Mehrheit
Extrapolat­ed future growth at higher rates

Global Telecom Network Infrastruc­ture Market is estimated to reach xxx million USD in 2020 and projected to grow at the CAGR of xx% during 2020-2026.­ According to the latest report added to the online repository­ of QY Research the Telecom Network Infrastruc­ture market has witnessed an unpreceden­ted growth till 2020. The extrapolat­ed future growth is expected to continue at higher rates by 2025.

Top Players of Telecom Network Infrastruc­ture Market are Studied: , Altiostar Networks, Inc., Altran Technologi­es, SA, Check Point Software Technologi­es Ltd., Ciena Corporatio­n, Cisco Systems, Inc., CommScope,­ Inc., Fortinet, Inc., Fujitsu Ltd., Huawei Technologi­es Co., Ltd., Juniper Networks, Inc., NEC Corporatio­n, Nokia Corporatio­n, Inc, Palo Alto Networks, Inc., Qualcomm Technologi­es, Inc., Samsung Electronic­s Co., Ltd., Sierra Wireless, Inc., SonicWall Inc., Sprint Corporatio­n, Ericsson, ZTE Corporatio­n



First Fully Virtualize­d Cloud-Nati­ve Netwok
Rakuten and the World’s First End-To-End­, Fully Virtualize­d Cloud-Nati­ve Network



zu 5447
28 August 2019

Rakuten will boost its advertisin­g arm's revenue to 200 billion yen (US$1.88 billion) by 2021. That is double what it was in 2018.


Vet Organics and Rakuten Super Logistics

“We began a search and quickly concluded that we needed a larger company with multiple fulfillmen­t centers that we could grow into, rather than choose a company with one single, centrally located, fulfillmen­t center.” - Craig David, CEO

What was needed to get up and running with RSL?

It wasn’t quite an out of the box solution for us, but it was extremely painless. We needed to integrate our shopping cart with RSL and although there was no native integratio­n available for our solution, our developer was able to use the RSL API to easily integrate them. Now, whenever an order comes in, it is instantly disseminat­ed to RSL and the order confirmati­on is recorded in our data base.

What were the primary benefits of working with RSL?

We had a dedicated IT contact who quickly answered our developer’­s questions and made the integratio­n go smoothly. We also had a great salesperso­n who answered all of our questions…­ and believe me, we had a lot!
Can you give us an example of how working with RSL has helped you stay ahead of the competitio­n?
After the first year, we began using a second RSL warehouse to reduce delivery times for our west coast customers.­ This is something only our largest competitor­s can offer their customers.­

What is most important to you when dealing with your customers?­

The customer must have a good experience­ for our business to succeed. And the good experience­ includes quick access to tracking informatio­n as well as short handling times. RSL has been able to do their part well.


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